Valeria Becker

Valeria Becker or moving portraits

Valeria Becker was born in Germany (1964), in a village of the Sare region near the French border. She grows up in a very conservative family, in a cold and rigid environment, and cannot wait to discover new horizons, such as Tahiti, which she reads about for the first time when she’s 13.

Fiat lux! (And there was light! Latin phrase in the beginning of the Genesis.)

Three years later she goes on a family vacation in the South of Italy and falls in love with Liguria: the country of light and arts! This trip on the Mediterranean coast has a major impact on the future of the young artist, as it is the case for many other creators from Northern Europe. She makes up her mind and decides to leave the homeland of “stimmung” and move to Italy…

The inner journey.

At 18, Valeria leaves the nest, determined to live the life she chose for her herself without looking back. Because of her desire of freedom and her need for a new breath of air, she develops a passion for windsurfing, which she teaches on Italian beaches while playing on her guitar the songs she composes…

Yearning to find herself, her journey becomes a voyage of discovery in this new land full of promises. Rome, Florence, Pisa…she goes up and down the boot. Beyond the sunny beauty of the landscape, she feels a very intense connection with the centuries-old artistic heritage…

Deep South.

Her unquenchable thirst for discovery brings her to Spain a few years later, where she falls in love with another Southern culture. She lives in a small community of painters and sculptors and feels even closer to art. Very much impressed and inspired by the work of Picasso, she starts creating her first paintings…


Back in Italy, Valeria has recurrent premonitory dreams where she sees her future works of art, and she becomes possessed with a burning desire and energy to express these obsessions. She embarks on a very intense period of work: she must paint, paint and paint some more! This is the only way for her to calm herself down and to calm down this energy, which took over her whole body…

She has trouble sleeping at night, and is constantly looking for new materials to express her art. She paints on canvas, but also on pieces of wood or any other material that she will have picked up during the night on construction sites. Anything goes when it comes to fulfilling her imperious need. She uses forks instead of paintbrushes, her hands, her fingers, knives, earth!

Raw energy.

Her first pieces are created on the floor of her little kitchen, on the floor. Valeria doesn’t know yet how to hold a brush, and she plays around with tubes of paint to create her work, revising the original aboriginal dot painting, painting massive butterflies but also her first portraits. Her energy, her raw and generous gesture lead her to produce large volumes…

After a period of abstract paintings, she moves to expressionist-style figurative representations, before settling for good for the art of portrait.

The language of movement.

Today the artist lives in France, on the French Riviera. She is fascinated by painters such as Lucian Freud who « through the raw bodies reveals the essence of the soul ». In her studio, she lets loose her creativity and puts on canvas, with a design flair that is close to the one of a graffiti artist, her energy and her bold lines to create those “moving portraits”, where this striking gesture produces this very unique style.

After her first exhibitions in 2015 and 2016 in Nice, Marseille, and Monaco, Valeria Becker is shown for the first time at the Edinburgh Art Fair 2015, then at the Manchester Art fair 2016 and at the Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair 2016. The year 2017 offers bright prospects, with Valeria’s showing at the London Art Fair 2017, and with other projects for Istanbul and Miami.